About ADM

A family adventure for recreational vehicle enthusiasts.

Since 1979, ADM Sport supports his customers by offering a full range of equipment, clothing, parts and accessories for recreational vehicles that meet their needs and contributing to their safety on the road and on trails.

Customer-oriented development

The distribution business of motor vehicles accessories and clothing was created in 1979 by Michel Matton. The corporate name ADM Sport was created in 1981. Today the company is led by his daughters Chantale and Karine.

The success with the customers and the drive to provide them with a more pleasant and functional environment for their shopping experience led ADM Sport to open on April 1st 1997, the store located on Hamel Boulevard. Covering an area of ​​30,000 square feet, the store allows an even greater array of products.

In spring 2000, ADM Sport incorporates a Fashion / MX section in the shop complementing the needs of its customers.

The creation of the Saint-Hyacinthe store on 5th June 2004 has extended the territorial coverage of ADM Sport for the benefit of new customers. The very positive reception from customers and the desire to welcome them in the best of conditions required ADM Sport Saint-Hyacinthe to relocate in a new, larger space (30,000 square feet). This was achieved April 13, 2010.

In 2005, ADM Sport launched its website as a new point of contact with customers.

To boost the customer relationship, service quality and proximity, ADM Sport created in autumn of 2008, a full time phone customer service.

ADM Sport Company has been developed with great attention to its performance in customer service, satisfaction of his needs and the quality of service.

Various acknowledgements and awards from numerous institutions in Quebec, Canada and the United States can testify to this.

Thus ADM Sport was

  • Ranked 12th in the “ Dealer Top 100 ” in 2004 and nominated in the TOP 100 (2006) throughout North America for its merchandizing approach and dedicated customer service.
  • Rewarded by a “ Blizz d’or Québécois ” (2001) from the Fédération des clubs de motoneigistes du Québec (FCMQ) for its implication in the field of recreational snowmobile.
  • Distinguished by a “ Prix d’excellence ”, in 2002, by the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations (CCSO) for its exceptional customer and after-sales service, its superior technical know-how, its outstanding effort for promoting the sport and close relationship with local snowmobile clubs and the sporting community in general.
  • Recipient of a “ Lauréat Bronze ” in the appreciation program from the National Bank of Canada in 2008 amongst SMEs for the region of Quebec. This prize highlights ADM Sport's excellence in business.

A Promise


ADM Sport maintains a broad selection of over 40 000 products manufactured by professionals and renown leaders in their respective fields.


ADM upholds a pricing policy that insures the clientele is offered the best deals on the market. Under some conditions, ADM will reimburse the difference if a client brings proof of the same product at lower price elsewhere.

Phone assistance

A bilingual, dedicated team is welcoming your enquiries at any time.

Quality service

Client satisfaction is the driving force behind ADM Sport. ADM Sport's commitment is to insure product availability, deliver them within given timeframes, inform its clients about shipping cost upon ordering and maintain spotless after-sales service.

An omnichannel vision of our business relationship

The omnichannel describes ADM Sport's strategic vision for the future. It implies that our customers are offered a customized, optimized shopping experience.

This “ omnichannel ” implies an overall and straightforward integration of all channels (Web, smart phone, social networks, stores, etc.) and where they meet.

Our surroundings' technological advances in this aspect offer a definite opportunity.

The evolution of our transactional website is the first step toward this future.

Major changes have been made to offer our clientele an improved experience. Navigation is more agreeable and our search engine is much more powerful - a must with over 40,000 products available, including web exclusive offers. From now on, admsport.com is at your fingertips, on any platform including mobile. Our clients can now place orders at any time of day, from anywhere in the country, easily and securely.

Beside buying from the best, you may now also make your voice heard through comments, product rating and interaction with other satisfied customers.