Buying online

What is my shopping cart?

The shopping cart is exactly the same as any shopping experience, except it's all done online. It allows you to browse products and put them on hold until you're ready to purchase them.

In this virtual shopping mall, the system remembers all the various products you like and click on. “My cart” will also tally your total costs, one item to the next. Changed your mind? No problem, you can easily add or take away any item selected.

How do I change the quantity of products selected?

  • Modify the quantity by entering the specific number in quantities box.
  • Click “Update Shopping Cart” and your tally will change.

How can I see my shopping cart's content?

Just click on the “Shopping cart” button found on the right top of the page.

How can I add an item to shopping cart?

Click the “Add to cart” button found beside most products and you're well on your way.

How do I remove an item from shopping cart?

Click on the “X” located under the shopping cart page or enter zero in the quantities box.

Applying a Promotional Code

Enter the Promotional Code in the box “Entering a promotional code” during the first step (Shipping) of your Order Process:

  • Click “Entering a promotional code”
  • Enter the code in the “Coupon No.” field
  • Click "Redeem Coupon" to validate the promotional code

The promotion will be applied to the article or articles in your shopping cart if valid.

Promotional Codes - Conditions and terms

  • Promotional codes cannot be used together with another promotional code or one of our special offers. Only one promotional code per transaction. Please note that other restrictions may apply to the use of a promotional code.
  • Unless otherwise stipulated, no promotional code can be redeemed in any ADM Sport stores operated by the Groupe Admsport inc. or one of its affiliations or subsidiaries.

With respect to those promotional codes that are money based and in the eventuality that the dollar value of the purchased items is less than the value of the rebate, no amount will be credited to your account, nor will a supplemental promotional code be issued. Therefore, we recommend that you always purchase one or a combination of several items with a total price that is equal or greater than your promotional code.

How to order an item?

To order an item, you must first login after having created an account and place the item in your cart. In the cart, click on the button “Place Your Order” or on the “Place Your Order” link (under the amount to be paid) to go to the next step.

Shipping the order

  • You must identify the location (shipping address) where the shipment will be sent or select one of the address that you have defined in your account. If none of the ordered items is in stock, you must choose between the different shipping options; bundled or separately. You may then select the shipment method: regular or express.
  • Click on the button “Proceed to Payment” or on the “Proceed to Payment” link to go to the next step.


  • You must first select your method of payment (credit card or pre-paid card).
  • If you have already registered a credit card to your account, it is displayed by default; all you need to do is re-enter the security code on the back of the card.
  • If you have not registered a credit card to your account, a form will be displayed to allow you to enter the appropriate credit card information. You may choose to add the card to your account.


This page provides the summary of the ordered items. You can cancel the order or complete it using the following buttons: “Complete” the order or “Cancel it”.

What is the displayed price?

The price of each item that you order is the one displayed next to the item offered on the Site. Shipping and handling rates as well as sales taxes are additional. reserves the right to modify at all times the price of the items offered on the Site without prior notice. All prices are in Canadian currency.

What are the applicable sales taxes?

The purchaser agrees to pay to the seller the taxes based upon the address where the order will be shipped.

  • An order to be sent to the U.S.A. is thus, not taxed.
  • For an order shipped in Canada, the taxes depend upon the province; for example, for Quebec, the added taxes are QST (Quebec Sales Tax) and the GST (Goods & Services Taxes).

Why are some prices crossed?

When an item is part of a promotion, the regular price is crossed out while the promotional price is not and will be the one applied when completing the order.

How can I print my receipt?

The Issued purchases link can be found in “My purchases”. Simply go to “My account”, click the link and you can easily print your receipts from there.

What happens if a product is on presale or backordered?

If your order includes articles that are not yet available, we will wait for them to be available before proceeding to shipment.

In-store Orders

For information about an order that was submitted in-store, you must contact the store where the order was submitted directly. You will find the coordinates of each store under this site's “Stores” web page.