Legal Notes

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ADM Sport holds the rights to cancel any order or transactions in the event of any irregularity in personal or transactional data provided, without advising the client or anyone else, without any responsibility toward the client or anyone else. Delivery time can vary according to the item's availability. Delivery fees can apply according to the weight, the size, the delivery address and the nature of the shipment. Some promotions are available only for clients.

Your account

If you use the ADM Sport website, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password. This website is directed for use by adults. You assume the entire responsibility of the use of any of our services by minors. You agree not to provide any false information to your account and that the use of our website is bound to any laws that may apply to it. You hold the sole responsibility for any loss, any damage or any additional cost that you, ADM Sport or any third party might incur as a result of any false, inaccurate or incomplete information or as a result of your failure to update your registration information or your payment information.

Fraud Control

ADM Sport has implemented an Order Verification Procedure that is meant to ensure that no one else uses the banking or personal information of someone else without their knowing. As part of those verifications, the client may be asked to provide a copy of a personal ID card or proof of residency. The order will be completed upon the reception of this information. ADM Sport holds the right to cancel any suspicious order or transaction.

Package reception

ADM Sport reminds you that it is your responsibility to verify the state of your package upon reception before signing any delivery slip presented to you by the delivery service. It is also your responsibility to verify the content of this package in the presence of the delivery person before signing the delivery slip. If the order shows any sign of damage, or if the content of the package does not match that of the delivery slip, you may accept the package anyway and point out the issues to the delivery person. You may also decide to refuse the package by pointing the issues to the delivery person before signing the delivery slip. You may also refuse the package by justifying the reasons for your refusal on the delivery slip. In that case, you must not sign the slip (or write Package refused because...).


Items purchased on our website are subject to the same terms and conditions as any items bought in-store.

Prices variation

ADM Sport holds the right to change prices or to remove items from the currently available items selection. The information used to represent the items is accurate as far as ADM Sport is concerned at the time of publication, but cannot be held responsible if they are not. Due to market pressure and competition, prices and items availability may change without any prior notice. In case of discrepancies between in-store and online prices, in-store prices will prevail.

Photos, descriptions and the products technical characteristics

ADM Sport does everything possible to represent as accurately as possible all the merchandise on its website. However, some changes might occur without our knowing in our suppliers' products' characteristics. We do everything within our means to maintain the highest level of accuracy in our textual description according to the information available to us. The product, as shown, can vary from the actual product and may not conform completely to the product mentioned. It is possible that printing errors, mistakes, inaccuracies, omissions (including inaccurate product descriptions) or other mistakes happen from time to time. ADM Sport cannot guarantee that the products and services offered on the website will be available when ordered or after ordering.

Rights regarding the website, images and pictures

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